Visa, relocation and 
employment in the USA
for middle and senior 
IT specialists

If you are an IT professional who is willing to relocate to the US for a job with an annual salary starting from $200,000+, then we invite you to apply for our Acceleration Program. We’d apply for a work visa on your behalf, improve your hard and soft skills, and find you job offers from top tech companies. Our 1:1 mentorship and job application services are paired with intensive online training from industry experts. And all this with flexible tuition options, don’t wait long – sign up for a free consultation call today!

What do we do?


The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) creates special economic and trade relationships for the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The TN nonimmigrant status allows professionals from Canada and Mexico to work in the U.S. Mexican professionals must obtain a TN visa at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy to enter the U.S. Canadian professionals can request TN status at a U.S. port of entry.


O-1 visa

Compared to other US visas, O-1 has many important advantages. First of all, unlike TN, obtaining an O-1 visa does not depend on timing or chance. The O-1 visa is meant to be issued to particularly outstanding professionals and helps to negotiate a higher salary. However, preparation of all the required documents and augmenting the applicant’s profile to this type of visa’s requirements takes on average at least 200 hours, or 3 to 6 months. You are invited to check the information on the O-1 visa at the US Government website at

Other advantages of the О-1 visa:

Our program is for you if:

Mid-senior level sowtfare engineer with 3+ years of experience
You speak English or are willing to learn it within 6 to 12 months
You are psychologically prepared to relocate and work in the United States in the near future

5 steps to employment in the USA

Due to successful IT projects, JobEasy has gained significant expertise and excelled at networking in the United States. This allows us to prepare successful candidates and bring their salaries to the upper end of the market.
Step 1
Free consultation

Our experts will screen your profile and determine your strengths and weaknesses, develop a strategy for the preparation of documents and the appropriate visa type for you.

Step 2
Preparation of appropriate visa case depending on your citizenship and profile

We provide consultation to ensure the proper collection of documents, match you with a sponsor company, and take care of administrative and lawyer fees for filing an O-1 or TN visa with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The entire application process can take 1 - 6 months, depending on your profile.

Step 3
Preparation for the interview and job search

We will prepare you for a job interview in terms of both technical and behavioral skills. Our specialists will adapt your CV, respond to job positions and arrange for a job interview for you. You will need to most diligently prepare for the interview together with our mentors. As soon as you develop the required skills, we will start sending you job vacancies specifically tailored to you. On average, we arrange for 20 to 30 interviews. With each passed interview, you will be feeling more and more confident, which would directly impact your salary expectations.

Step 4
Salary negotiations

We will help you write a cover letter, negotiate a salary and get an offer. Thanks to our business connections, we are able to offer job positions with an upper-middle salary level. We are aware of the salary ceilings and know how to get the best offers, so we will help you handle it.

Step 5
Employment and career growth

We advise on all the issues related to relocation and adaptation to a new place. After your employment, we stay in touch with you to suggest new career development options from time to time. We are interested in growing your income and intend to become your long-term career partner on mutually beneficial terms.



Igor Podhodov

Head Mentor at Careerist, Engineering Manager at Facebook

Igor Podhodov

Marina Moreno

Career consultant at JobEasy. IT recruiter at Facebook, Google, and Yahoo

Marina Moreno

Stanislav Ageenko

Chief People Officer at JobEasy

Stanislav Ageenko

Lana Levinsohn

Senior software developer with over 8 years of experience in quality assurance

Lana Levinsohn

Iurii Sokolov

Software developer with over 8 years of experience with Google

Iurii Sokolov

Alex Romanenko

O-1 visa expert

Alex Romanenko


Companies where JobEasy programs’ graduates work

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Career opportunities in the USA

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Companies that employ graduates of JobEasy programs

Average web developer salaries in the U.S. in 2021

Up to
$ 552 K
1,565 job positions
in New York
State of New York
Up to
$ 288 K
2,100 job positions
in Los Angeles
State of California
Up to
$ 260 K
259 job positions
in Boston
State of Maryland

Upgrade your career in Software Engineering by signing up for our program today. Here's how it works:

1:1 mentorship

Mentors will guide you through all the way, you will be prepared for interviews in top companies with all the specific details, tests, and questions.

Flexible tuition

You don’t need to stop your current work, just 1-1,5 hours a day to get a result in some months.

Intensive online

All communication and learning take place online, so you can easily add them to your schedule.

instructions from industry insiders

You will get mentors who already have been in top companies so they know how exactly everything works.

Job Application Service

You don't need to search for positions and apply your CV, we will do it for you.


We know the industry very well so you could have the best options with better conditions.

Our program

Lesson 1
Interview parts & pieces

Main parts of the interview. FAANG vs Airbnb vs Uber. Top mistakes. Offer & Negotiation. Q&A.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Lesson 2
Algorithm Complexity:

Big-O complexity analysis. Strings, Arrays and StringBuffer.Implementation of ArrayList. Amortized run time for ArrayList. Most common interview questions.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Lesson 3
Linked Lists

Implement singly-linked list API. Applications of the linked lists. Most common interview questions.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Lesson 4
Stack and Queues

Implementation of stack and queue API. Applications stacks and queues. Most common interview questions.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Lesson 5
Hash Tables

Good hash functions. Collision resolution. Implementation of HashTable using only arrays. Other ways to implement Hash Table. Most common interview problems.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Lesson 6

Quicksort. Merge sort. Heapsort. Most common interview problems.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Lesson 7
Trees & Recursion:

Basic tree construction, traversal and manipulation algorithms. Binary trees, binary search trees and trie-trees. Tree traversal algorithms: BFS and DFS, and know the difference between inorder, postorder and preorder.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Lesson 8
Trees & Recursion interview questions

Recursion in general. Most common interview questions with trees and recursion.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Lesson 9
Dynamic programming.

Types of problems and approaches to solve them.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Lesson 10

Graph representation in memory (objects and pointers, matrix, and adjacency list). Basic graph traversal algorithms: breadth-first search and depth-first search.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Lesson 11
Object-Oriented Design And System Design and Scalability

Design patterns. Implementation of singleton and factory design patterns. Systems Design through the prism of the interview. Run through one system design example.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Lesson 12
Advanced Topics

Heap. Topological sort. Dijkstra. Advanced string manipulation algorithms, trie.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания

Visa Program Tuition

All programs include:

TN Track

Sign up as TN Applicant by August 1st and get the early bird pricing
Admissions Fee (refundable deposit)
of your future salary for 3 years

O-1 Track

The O-1 visa is meant to be issued to particularly outstanding professionals and helps to negotiate a higher salary.
Admissions Fee
(refundable deposit)
+ 15%
of your future salary for 3 years
Our riks-free ISA (Income Share Agreement) payment plan means that you only pay if we find you a job in the USA. Limited seats remain available for our NT track Early Bird promotion — sign up today to secure your offer.


What benefits does JobEasy offer to IT professionals?

Building a career in the USA is not easy, even if you have all the necessary knowledge and experience.

• It is easier for companies to hire a local resident than consider hiring even the most talented foreigner: the US visa system is very complicated and time-consuming, so many employers are simply not willing to start the process;

• Companies specializing in visa support offer lower salaries that are 50 to 70% below the market level and suggest obtaining the L1 visa that would not allow to change the employer;

• Passing a job interview with top companies offering relocation to the US may take several years because hiring an employee from a foreign country is difficult for employers due a maze of obstacles at the market;

• Unfortunately, those who has recently moved to the USA are offered modest salaries for quite a long time.

If you want to go on your own, the whole process from deciding to move to getting employed with FAANG may take up to 5 years. With our help, you will be able to pass it in less than 1 year:

• We will help you to collect the documents for the O1 visa application;

• We will prepare you for the job interviews and recommend you to FAANG + 100 US IT companies;

• We can help you increase your salary expectations by 10to 20%.

What specialties do we cover?

We offer services exclusively to IT professionals (Full-Stack Developer, Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, iOS Developer, Android Developer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Specialist, Gamedev Professional, Data Scientist, QA Automation/SDET, UX/UI Designer, DevOps, Product Manager) with 3+ years of experience (obtained after graduation only – excluding the years of study). Each specialist shall undergo the process of professional background screening. Once your skills are confirmed, you will need to make a mandatory deposit and enter into an agreement with us, so that we are able to start working with you.

I do not possess sufficient skills for the O1 visa

We will certainly help you deal with all the nuances, even if you think that you do not have sufficient skills for an O1 visa. We will draw up a personalized plan for collecting the required evidence and will track your progress.

Which taxes will I have to pay in the USA?

The USA has its own modern taxation system. The amount of taxes will depend on certain factors such as income level, household composition, state and city of residence, etc. To get an estimate of future tax payments, we recommend using a tax calculator.For instance, in California (the state with the highest taxes) a family of 2 people would have to pay 30.5% of income tax on an annual income of $350K, while a single taxpayer would have to pay 39% of income tax.

How much money is required for comfortable living in the USA?

To find an answer to this question, you can check (with the data on housing rent, grocery prices, etc.), and (housing rent and purchase).

What level of English is required for the relocation?

The level of the English language will not be examined when applying for the O1 visa. It is not about knowing the language, it is about how well you understand the questions and can answer them in English. When looking for a job, there is a simple rule: the higher your command of English, the easier it will be for you to pass a job interview and the higher your chances for success. If you cannot speak fluently at the moment, we will help you find your weaknesses preventing to successfully pass a job interview and will provide recommendations on what you need to do. You will have enough time to upgrade your language level before getting a visa.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect the US market?

Just like elsewhere in the world, some companies were forced to lay off employees (Lyft, Uber, AirBnb), however, those were immediately hired by other top companies whose businesses continued to grow during the pandemic. In general, IT corporations have only improved their business. Due to the closed borders and difficulties with the H1b and L1 visas, the annual inflow of IT specialists to the United States has decreased. However, IT specialists are still needed on the market, and the demand for them has even grown in certain areas.

Will I be able to participate if I have no higher education?

Yes, you will. There are no requirements to the applicants’ education for the O-1 visa.

Does a change of employment affect ISA in any way?

No, it does not. You can change the job independently or with our help, if necessary. We are interested in you having an interesting job for the maximum compensation package.

I have a valid tourist visa to the USA. Can I commence applying for an employment visa?

Yes, you can. We have had cases where developers were already in the United States at the time of obtaining an employment visa, and we have helped them to change their tourist visa to an employment visa without leaving the country.

What format of a job interview is accepted in the US companies?

In the last year, the vast majority of job interviews were completed online.

What gives an edge to JobEasy comparing to immigration lawyers?


• Prepare and submit a case to the US Immigration Service.

• Charge for their work regardless of the result.

• Assume no responsibility for the outcome.

• They do not have job-specific knowledge as they provide services to IT specialists, athletes, models etc.


• We cover all the paperwork costs for the O1 submission. You will pay us only if you are successfully employed and receive a salary.

• We help the client to collect the required evidence for obtaining the O1 visa and submit the case to the US Immigration Service.

• We help you to find a job and prepare for job interviews with Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google and another 100+ companies from our pool and help to increase your expected salary by +15%.

• We help you save your time and effort for the adaptation.

• We have a deep knowledge of the specificities of visas in the IT industry: we provide services only to developers, data science specialists, QA Automation, UX/UI designers, Product/Program/Project managers, and IT entrepreneurs.Because of the full range of services, our clients not only get a job in the USA but also may increase their income by 30 to 50% and save 2 to 3 years.Our remuneration depends on the client's result, therefore, we are interested in your success!

Does JobEasy help with the Green Card?

Most IT companies help their employees to obtain a Green Card. We advise you to discuss it with your potential employer at the initial stage of a job interview. The process for obtaining the Card can be launched in 6 weeks or in 1 year, subject to the company's policy. On average, it takes 6 months to get a Green Card (EB2) from the date the process is initiated.

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